Ashleigh Sharman believes that getting to the bottom (or rather surface) of great skin means a lot more than just the products you put on your face. And while her kitchen may be home to an expansive collection of skincare products she understands that skin is an emotional beast and nothing less than an inside-out job.

When she’s not working as a Research Assistant across various cancer studies, she’s writing skin as a freelance copywriter.

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In 2020, Ashleigh completed a Bachelor of Medical Science (Cell Pathology) with First Class Honours (Immunology) at The University of Sydney.

Ashleigh is currently Research Assistant (Clinical Trials) at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and Research Assistant (Lung Cancer Screening) within the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Medicine and Health. She has worked as a Research Assistant across various projects within the Sydney School of Public Health and is passionate about cancer treatment and prevention, skin health and disease.