Please, please, ditch the Makeup Wipes

If there's one skin resolution I'd like you to make this year it's to stop using disposable makeup wipes - emergencies yes, routine no.

Know what this is? Behold, tis’ the face washer! The retro and totally old-school version of makeup wipes, still able to do the job and best of all, reusable. So what happened along the way to makeĀ us forget this humble piece of bathroom genius? I guess we got busy but guess what?..your skin doesn’t like busy.

I’m going to preface this post by saying that I do in fact not wear much makeup at all (if any) so I cannot pretend to understand having to remove layers and layers, but who would want to do that every day? – likely not you if you’ve found your way to this site (no makeup how-to’s here) – however I do wear sunscreen every day and that can be one slippery little sucker to clear off successfully.

The trick to all of this my friends is chemistry (don’t tune out) but basically I’m a firm believer of the daily double-cleanse method, and that does not involve makeup wipes. Firstly, I cleanse to remove sunscreen, makeup, skincare I’ve slapped all over my face and I do that with a cleansing oil, lovingly massaged all over my face and emulsified with water, because ‘like dissolves like’ (another post for another time, yay for skin science!) Secondly, and depending on the season, I follow with a gel or cream cleanser, adding water which I remove gently with a…wait for it…face washer.

In all honesty the cleansing oil will make your face look a little scary and yes, there will be panda eyes if you’re a fan of mascara but it’s simply the best way to get the end of the day off of your face if you ask me. It also gives you the chance to give your face a good massage and see how it ‘feels’ – we worry so much about how our skin ‘looks’ that texture has to take the back seat, it shouldn’t. Your second cleanse reflects how much you actually know about your skin: is it oily or dry, dehydrated or irritable? As such I have an army of cleansers ready to meet my skin needs and don’t swear by any one in particular.

And it doesn’t particularly have to be a face washer, I also use sponges and a facial shammy to replace the use of cotton balls, pads, tissues and makeup wipes. They may be convenient and yes, they’re quick and disposable but that’s no way to treat your largest organ. So this year, aim to give up makeup wipes and treat your skin to a little TLC.

SkinFit Tip

Quick and disposable are not words your skin wants to hear so save makeup wipes for emergencies only and give your routine a little TLC. #skinfittip

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