Why you Need a Facialist

Your largest organ needs a personal trainer and that my friends is the Facialist.

I have a GP, a hairdresser, a personal trainer and many more professionals besides helping me reach a multitude of lifestyle goals but your largest organ, the skin, needs its very own coach – and that’s why you need a facialist. I’ve been lucky to experience many great facials from talented beauty therapists over the past 15 years but, like any relationship, it can take time to find ‘the one’.

Why do I use the term facialist? I feel it expresses not only a specialty (many beauty therapists also do waxing, tanning, makeup, nails etc.) but also a holistic approach to great skin, and I do rather like saying “my facialist” as it denotes a special relationship. And if the eyes are the window to the soul then the face is the window to your inner health which can, on occasion, require an expert face reader.

So how did I know I had found ‘the one’? Firstly, our skin philosophies matched. There is no right or wrong philosophy, only what you know to be true with your skin and yourself. For me, it’s about being calm and kind. That means reducing inflammation inside and out, acceptance of the natural order of your skin, simplifying all aspects of your routine and focusing on skin health not that horrid term ‘anti-ageing’. Secondly, my facialist practices what she preaches. You have to walk the talk when it comes to great skin and that also means keeping it ‘real’. Thirdly, intuition. You’re looking to find your skin a second best friend (first should be you!) and you should feel an emotional as well as professional connection.

Like any professional service, a facialist is an investment. Consider how much money you spend each month and how much you’ve spent on products you don’t use, that made you react or that you don’t actually need. Spend that money instead on a skin coach who will lead you to better skin health, less goop on your face, and better skin education that will last a lifetime. Ask around for recommendations and do your research.

I’m lucky to have finally found ‘the one’. My skin is happy, in harmony and has found a friendship it knows will last a lifetime.

SkinFit Tip

Monthly skin treatments with a Facialist is the best investment you can make towards great skin health because we all need some coaching. #skinfittip

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