Taking time out: for heart and brain

It's time to get my thesis on the road, so with less than seven weeks to go I'll be taking time out from le blog. But never fear, skin is always here.

2020 has been a wild ride and attempting to complete an Honours year within it has been challenging. But the finishing line is in sight and so now it’s time to retreat to the study bunker not only to wrap up a pandemic year but importantly, an incredibly worthy cause in better understanding the tumour […]


SkinFit Tip

‘Skincare is so much more than products! We are seeing a shift to awareness of our entire wellbeing – lifestyle, health, emotions, the works – because all of these things greatly impact on skin behaviour’

– Robyn McAlpine

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SkinFit Tip

‘Expensive doesn’t always mean better! It’s more important to use products that contain ingredients that are right for your skin, current skin conditions and seasons’

– Kristy Hines

SkinFit Tip

‘Your body needs nutrients to make healthy skin cells but more isn’t necessarily any better than simply enough’

– Dr Emma Beckett

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Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty
by Nancy Etcoff

SkinFit Tip

‘What we eat is what we are, also listen to your body. Exercise is important but maintaining good posture and discipline in your daily lifestyle makes for good balance’

– Takako Mori

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