Travel Like You Eat at Home for Gut Health

Keeping the gut happy on tour means eating like you would at home.

I once laughed when smoothie guru Tess Masters told me how she travelled the world with her blender. A blender, are you serious?! But I make a habit of thinking people are crazy and then oops, somehow morph into them. Damn this healthy living stuff…

Travel is something my gut however, and subsequently my skin, have never truly enjoyed. Yes, the sights are wonderful but when your tummy is bloated and your skin panics, deciding to break out just in time for tourist attraction selfies, it can put a real downer on the holiday vibe.

I haven’t got a blender in my suitcase, yet, but what Tess inspired me to do was take the time (and the luggage space) to really honour what I do day to day at home and replicate that when on the road. Travel is no longer about throwing caution to the wind but rather keeping my tummy and skin in check with routine.

And the part of the routine that works most effectively for me is morning (evening too if I can manage it). It’s about getting the system going and preparing your body in the best way possible for the day that lies ahead. A day where you won’t have as great a control as you would at home.

For me that means flushing the system with warm water and lemon juice (I locate the nearest supermarket before I check-in) followed by my supplements and then on the mat for yoga or a stretch on a hotel towel – any form of exercise to get the blood and body moving.

I find that as long as my breakfast closely resembles what I have at home then I’m ok; I’ve even been given a corner of the pantry at my parent’s home so that I have an exact replica from which to make my breakfast bowl.

Tess also advised me that if there were any drink we should all be having on a daily basis it would be greens. So where possible I get myself a green juice during the day, watch what goes on my plate and be sure to drink plenty of water.

Come evening, peppermint tea is on high rotation as is my trusty detox powder – to do its magic overnight. Enough said.

Yes, it seemed rather ridiculous the first time I piled up my suitcase with food and supplements but honestly why would you treat your body any different? Just not sure there’s room for a blender…

SkinFit Tip

Make your gut your top priority when travelling and work out what it needs to thrive and survive while away. Don’t leave home without them! #skinfittip

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