Why you need to Stop the Squint

Don't let your eye cream walk alone

Is your eye cream flying solo? By that I mean does your eye cream, which you may have spent a pretty penny on, have a strong protector that shields it from the elements every time you step outdoors? Walking to a lecture recently I glanced at my reflection and shuddered when I saw the ‘squint’ wrinkles facing me back. Eek indeed!

While like me, you’ve probably got a collection of sunglasses kicking around from decades ago I realised that none were actually preventing me from squinting – fashion hey – but rather working against my day and nighttime eye care routine.

It appears Jackie ‘O’ was onto something.

Oversized sunnies, forever a fashion staple, work to protect the largest area around the eye while polarised lenses (I’d recommend Category 3) reduce glare and provide UV protection. They really are a simple extension of the Slip, Slop, Slap message to which the Cancer Council adds Seek (shade) and Slide (sunglasses): and where I purchased these beauties, named Pomona.

A simple case of ‘don’t leave home without them’, sunglasses really are the third and entirely necessary step to your morning and evening eye care routine, giving your products a better chance of turning the tide on fine lines.

SkinFit Tip

Stop the squint and invest in oversized sunglasses with maximum UV protection. #skinfittip

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