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Lockdown Lessons: Brow Power in Iso

Face masks might be the new normal but there's plenty of brow power to play with in isolation.

They frame the eyes so spectacularly however brow grooming is an often forgotten step in a lot of our routines. It’s an easy step to miss, especially with increased levels of isolating and reduced socialising but it doesn’t take long for eyebrows to get out of control. Enter a regular brow artist who can harness the brow power that we all possess and make the most of our mask-wearing outings.

“It can sometimes feel like it happens overnight, unruly brows are hard to tame!” exclaims makeup, brow and hair artist Sabrina Melei. “It’s common for people to compensate for their brow neglect and over pluck or trim their brows, which can then take months to recover from. I definitely recommend regular brow maintenance to all my clients and with most of us wearing masks, our brows really are centre stage”.

Sabrina says the most common mistake people make with their eyebrows is tinting or drawing them on too dark – this can create a harsh and dense look rather than natural and strong – but also adds chronic over plucking and over trimming are bad habits to break.

“When eyebrows are shaped in proportion they can create a strong statement, they are the frames to our eyes, and can be key to creating a youthful and fresh complete look”

“To make a statement, I recommend maintaining a thicker, natural-look to give a more youthful appearance to the face, so resist the temptation to go thin with your eyebrows. Once you have achieved the ideal shape, a medium colour tint is the key to making a statement brow,” Sabrina says.

Enter COVID-19 and while masks are not only an important public health prevention tool, they’re also setting a trend for eyes and eyebrows to be the main feature of our beauty routines.

“Neutral tones are a great way to make your eyes stand out in a masked crowd or to get video call ready!” says Sabrina. “Using crayon soft pencils or eyeshadows in bronze or terracotta shades help emphasis brown, blue, green or hazel eyes. Keep the bottom of your eyes clean by applying a layer of liquid concealer, this will help prevent extra dark shadowing on camera. Finishing off with black mascara to lengthen your lashes for that extra wow-factor!”

If you’re looking to make a strong statement while wearing a mask, Sabrina suggests a classic clean flick liquid eyeliner – you’ve got plenty of time to practice in lockdown – but to finish off the look, mascara is key.

Sabrina Melei makeup artist

“Getting your mascara application right can ensure longevity, definition and great lashes. I suggest curling your lashes first then applying a coat of mascara from the root to the tips. To create a voluminous look, apply a second and a third layer to only the tips of your lashes. Make sure to take your time applying your mascara as good lashes can make all the difference”.

Sabrina Melei ​is a multi-award winning Makeup, Eyebrow & Hair Artist.

SkinFit Tip

'One of my favourite tricks for healthy and youthful looking eyebrows is using rosehip oil with a spoolie and brushing them up for an incredible glow' - Sabrina Melei

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