Reflect inward, dream skyward, look forward

It's that time of the year when we're expected to make resolutions and keep them but throw that in the garbage and instead, look forward to 365 days of new opportunities and experiences.

I am very much always a woman with a plan as I was a child who wanted a daily plan of what was going on and when I needed to be ready: Ready for what at age 5 you might ask? But what the past year has taught me most profoundly is that, as much as a plan is very nice for a somewhat OCD Virgo, it can compromise your ability┬áto look forward – to see what could be. And so in 2016 I rid of my 12-month, 2-year and 5-year plans and am astonished as to where I’ve landed.

It was listening to a Mayo Clinic Radio podcast that I first heard the phrase ‘reflect inward, look forward’ and it grabbed me just at the right time of the year (so much that I can’t tell you who said it or what the podcast was even about). All I remember is that I was walking by the water, on my way to lectures, and I stopped, smiled to myself and took this picture. I had been trying to ‘fix’ myself into a plan and like a square peg in a round hole just couldn’t make it work. Why? Because I wasn’t looking inward. Inward does not mean backwards, it can however just mean dealing with a little bit of chaos but then, the universe likes that anyways.

I thought to add an extra phrase between of ‘dream skyward’ because goals should really be what the New Year is about – never too small or too large – from health and wellbeing to family and friends or mind and spirit, although every day is a ‘new’ day, New Year is a major turning of the page that we all do together and there is a kind of energy in that I feel.

So what do you seek for yourself in 2017? I wish you a year of courage, love and kindness – for yourself and others – to find what you look forward to, and a year of living in your best skin ever.

SkinFit Tip

Reflect inward, dream skyward, look forward and live the New Year in your best skin ever. #skinfittip

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