Old School Skin Cleansing

The first step in any skincare routine, cleansing and I go back to basics for best results.

Sure, I love technology and I’ve used heaps of it on my face but my current skin cleansing routine is rather…well…a little old fashioned. I’ve been through the brushes and the scrubs, the acids and sand blasters, and have come full circle to the mighty face washer with the odd sponge thrown in (and did I mention fingers?)

Cleansing is likely the first step in your skincare routine (even for those of you who simply splash some water on the old visage!) and importantly removes dirt and oils from the skin through various means. Now, for a long time I thought more was more was better and so I took great pains to ensure my skin was ‘squeaky’ clean. Years later, inflamed and overstimulated, my skin was crying out for a little kindness and so it was time to actually look at what I was doing.

Now a firm believer in the ‘double-cleanse’ method I cleanse my face as if prepping a canvas: Oil cleanse first to dissolve makeup, sunscreen etc. and followed by a cream cleanse (autumn/winter) or gentle gel (spring/summer) depending on how much oil my skin is producing season to season.

I like to get my fingers in there, feel my skin, noticing texture and tone, oiliness and heat, giving myself a face massage at the same time – it does so much for you so throw it a little love back!

Then if I want to throw in a little light exfoliation I’ll add my trusty cotton face washer (nice and soft and clean) or a textured sponge – these are also great for removing face masks and are still used by many facialists who know exactly what they’re doing – just be gentle, the only way your skin can yell back at you is to get red, hot and angry so start paying attention every step of the way.

SkinFit Tip

Stop and listen to (or rather feel) what your skin needs - especially when it comes to cleansing - because calm, kind and clean are your first priorities. #skinfittip

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