Hormones, Bloody Hormones!

Think you're in control? Think again. Hormones are the chemical messengers running (and sometimes ruining) your life and your skin, and if you're a woman...well, good luck.

The next time someone tells you to stop being so moody, difficult or emotional, show them this graph* (and if I was ever to get a tattoo this would probably be it). No, it’s not some insane theme park attraction but the hormones you ride each month – and yes, there are four of them! I think it’s bloody amazing we can function at all with these ups and downs so give yourself and your skin a break and consider what you’re trying to fight against because biology takes no prisoners.

So what do these four rollercoasters of the hormonal skin apocalypse mean? They are part of the intricate and yet miraculous system that prepares your body for the potential of pregnancy. Working together, these hormones stimulate the ovary to release an egg and prepare your uterus to receive it (your body crossing fingers and toes it’s fertilised). Now this is somewhat an oversimplification but you get the general idea when considering the monthly cycle and just like getting to know your skin, your cycle yields secrets of its own!

Ever wondered why some days your skin is just beaming while on others it’s angry and moody, ready to break out at any moment? Why some days your facial features just look on point but on others you resemble a puffer fish? Hormones, blood hormones! And although there’s not a great deal you can do (or would want to do) to alter the hormones nature gave you, knowledge is indeed power so get yourself a period tracker app (I use Clue) and start paying attention ladies.

The more you know the more you can prepare for the changes in your skin, timing your facials accordingly, and honestly, the more you can marvel at this system no matter how crazy it truly looks. Because come menopause, these rollercoasters change again…but that’s another story for another time.

*My awesome textbook, Principles of Anatomy & Physiology (Tortora & Derrickson)

SkinFit Tip

I will say this only once, get a period tracker app! Whether you're on birth control or not, the better you understand your lady hormones the better you'll be able to support your skin. #skinfittip

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