Here’s to a New Year in Your Best Skin Yet

Shed that skin and set yourself some killer skin goals to sparkle in.

Another year over and another year begun but while there were 365 days between, your skin cells have been turning over roughly every 30 days which means you’ve basically got 12 chances to experience New Year skin. And skin is a forgiving beast – thankfully, because I’ve been rather lapse with the blog of late.

You see, spending most of 2017 studying Medical Science has had me questioning some of my ideas on skin…but in a good way. Like anyone my ideas are a soup of things I’ve read, things I’ve heard and things I’ve experienced but that’s not quite how Science would have it.

Every year I make skin resolutions. Nothing too crazy but more like little reminders of things I need to focus on and so here are my 3 New Year skin plans:

  1. Get back blogging! Yes I’m full of anecdote but not a lot of evidence and so in 2018 I want to bring skin science to the forefront of what I do, for your benefit as much as my own. So if there is something about the skin you’re in you’d like to ask don’t hesitate dropping me an email:
  2. Decolletage! I spend a lot of time caring for my face but not what lies beneath so this is the year I give it a little more TLC.
  3. Feet! Once again it’s the face and not the feet that receive the bulk of my attention but they do such hard work every year and barely receive any recognition.

Of course, sun protection is always on the agenda but it might be a skin resolution you’d like to pay a little more attention to or maybe it’s a bit of skin love with regular facials, massages or at-home treatments. Whatever it is, cherish your skin – it’s there to protect you – and no matter what it throws at you, learn to love it and most importantly, the being inside.

May you truly experience a year in your best skin yet, inside and out!

SkinFit Tip

Did you know that skin cells turn over approximately every 30 to 40 days? That means you have many chances to celebrate New Year skin...which is all kinds of awesome! #skinfittip

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