How often do you need a Facial? (like, really?)

Maybe you've got a Facialist on speed dial or maybe you're more the DIY type, but how often you treat your skin to a Facial might be more than you think.

I’ve never seen a Disney Princess get one but it’s exactly the way a facial makes you feel! Bright, clean skin and a beaming complexion are just some of the immediate benefits of a facial (not to mention ultimate relaxation) but here I’m giving the floor to my Facialist, Kristy, to help me explain why this is one treatment your skin needs…forever.

“How often you need a facial is dependent on your expectations and priorities!” says Kristy Hines, owner of Mineral Lifestyle, who believes facials are for every single skin (no discrimination here).

“If maintaining or improving your complexion is a focus for you then you can follow a general formula of a facial every 4 weeks for skin maintenance; and/or a facial series of one facial a week for 3 – 4 weeks as a corrective treatment”. Kristy explains that if you’re not concerned with budget or time limitations then the best advice possible is to have a series of facials every 3-4 months with maintenance facials every 4 weeks between your series.

Now I’ve been a facial convert since way back and believe that there are aspects of your skincare routine you can save big money on – and with that saved money, invest in professional treatments. Facials can help give you a more healthy and even looking complexion, reduce and balance oil flow, reduce redness, and make the skin look more radiant and smooth.

“Facials are designed to help your skin achieve a more balanced state,” Kristy says, “with beauty professionals accessing ranges of products, techniques and skills that you just don’t have at home. Treatments are more in-depth and results more intensive, but you’re also getting a Facialist’s knowledge and expertise in monitoring your skin.”

The harsh reality though is that facials (and especially a series of them) equals time and money – something many of us may not have a great deal of. However Kristy believes a facial program can be tailored to different budgets and time constraints so find a therapist you trust, that works with a brand of products you love, and then listen to their advice.

“It’s important to be upfront and discuss any criteria like results, the amount of time you’re prepared to commit and your budget, and go from there”

“Many guests never tell us about their budget so it makes it hard to tailor a program if you don’t know how to make it possible for your guest to have their best skin!” she says, emphasising results will only be maintained if you follow up with home products that are suitable for your skin.

While having a Facialist as your skin’s Fairy Godmother is a wonderful thing, at-home treatments are also a fantastic addition to your skincare routine and are essential when you just can’t make it for a facial as regularly as you should. Quite simply, Kristy says you need to be prepared to put in the extra effort at home to have amazing skin. Yes, yes, yes.

Kristy Hines is a facialist, beauty expert & owner of Mineral Lifestyle. #skinfitsister

SkinFit Tip

‘Makeup wipes are not a replacement for a cleanser, and coconut oil is not a replacement for all your skin care products, the answer to great skin is a lot more complex!’ – Kristy Hines #skinfittip

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