Boxing Your Way to Confidence

There's nothing a good boxing session can't fix so pick up the gloves.

I discovered boxing quite late but thanks to the boot camp craze we’re now great friends and cardio benefits aside, there’s something powerful about punching. I’m not going to call it aggressive but rather, empowering. And it wasn’t until a recent break from the sport that I understood just how important this was.

Working multiple muscle groups, the ‘Rocky’ of all sports has lead me to immense cardiovascular fitness and improved my strength and endurance tenfold. It has also helped me through some difficult times in a way nothing else has.

Confidence and strength come in various forms – from physical to mental – and so, with boxing it’s really just you and the pads. Focus, determination, concentration and coordination really come into play, not to mention stress relief! And with a great trainer or boxing partner you learn to push yourself fiercely, competitively and ultimately with strength.

Yes there is sweat, yes there are endorphins, but ultimately there is achievement that feels like a gigantic roar. And that, you just can’t beat.

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