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What I Know About Skin: Takako Mori

With 20 years experience in the beauty industry, therapist Takako Mori's relationship with her skin has come full circle.

The reason we join the beauty industry, in whatever form, often stems from the relationship we have with our own beauty and appearance. Not a frivolous industry, rather one that is deeply personal where matters of self-esteem, self-care and self-worth are at its core. For Takako Mori, daughter of healthcare professionals in Japan, a beauty career began as makeup artist where tools of the trade could bring about powerful physical transformation.

“I was not happy with how I looked when I was young and wanted to look different with make up,” Takako explains, “I started as a makeup specialist but soon realised that having good skin is the key for a better makeup finish”.

“The Artist I worked for at the time always said ‘beautiful makeup comes from beautiful skin’ and so I started to focus on beauty, rather than hiding and changing my makeup”.

From makeup to beauty, a renewed focus on facial skin furthered Takako’s interest in the body and massage. She began working with the AVEDA brand 10 years ago, achieving qualifications in Australia as a beauty and massage therapist. And it was the brand’s care for the environment that not only inspired Takako but fostered a ‘global’ skin approach to her work.

“Being a beauty therapist we need to think about the whole package not only facial skin,” Takako says. “Everything comes from inside and everything in our body is connected. Simply, I wanted to know more about the body – it wasn’t only learning gentle relaxing massage”.

Takako has seen COVID-19’s lockdown affect many people in ways both good and bad. However she stresses the importance of the right work from home setup. Not only is there a need for increased space, correct desk and chair ergonomics can prevent injuries. Exercise and rest are just as important as each other but Takako notes many stopped practicing their regular beauty self-care practices due to reduced social interactions.

“Eat and sleep well, practice dry body exfoliation, exercise and stretching,” advises Takako.”Seek regular massage, drink plenty of water and eat good quality fats.”

“What we eat is what we are, also listen to your body. Exercise is important but maintaining good posture and discipline in your daily lifestyle makes for good muscle balance”.

Raised by strict parents who both worked in hospitals, massage, shiatsu, acupuncture and homemade eating healthy were all part of Takako’s early life. Despite departing from her parents’ expectations in late childhood, those years have now transformed her outlook.

“I went into the beauty industry to build confidence around how I look. From makeup to massage, now I want to know more about nutrition and herbal medicine,” she says. “I feel like I went all the way to come back to how I was raised”. And that’s the feeling of inner beauty.

Takako Mori is a Makeup Artist, Beauty Therapist and Massage Therapist at Element Aveda Sydney.

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'What we eat is what we are, also listen to your body. Exercise is important but maintaining good posture and discipline in your daily lifestyle makes for good balance' - Takako Mori

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