When it’s Finally Time for Tea

If there's one thing I overindulge in in the rush towards the end of the year it's coffee but luckily tea is waiting with open arms.

End of year deadlines, exams, gift shopping and more social occasions than you can poke a stick at, coffee is firmly placed as my ‘home run’ drink of choice…but – and that’s a very big but – it’s not particularly a fan of me. Tea on the other hand, we’re best mates and despite all my coffee frolicking, always welcomes me back. When will I listen indeed!

Call me sensitive but while coffee is one of the most amazing beverages on the planet it’s not one my body is designed to cope with every day. How do I know this? Simply put, I listen to my body and yes, you can try this too by making yourself your own not-so-randomised-not-so-controlled-trial. It’s about understanding the changes that occur in your body (and your skin!) and tracking that over time including giving yourself a ‘cooling off’ period where you remove coffee completely from your diet – can you do it?

Anecdotally speaking, 2 to 3 coffees a week is generally my limit – preferably not on consecutive days – with 2pm my absolute deadline. I can’t drink coffee on an empty stomach, and ideally not before 10am, generally ordering a large size with dairy-free milk option, single shot and cinnamon topping (not the sugar variety). Right about now you’re thinking I’m a little on the crazy side and yes, I’m actually crazy for drinking coffee at all if this is the extent to which I have to drink it. So why? Well it tastes great, smells even better, and is a super kick pre-exams; no wonder there is so much research on the stuff!

But I know I’ve had enough when the addictive powers of coffee take over and I start wanting one of these guys every day. I stop sleeping properly, my skin looks below par, and I start thinking about 2 cups a day (what?! no!)…and then I open my tea cupboard (insert singing angels here).

While I’m smart enough not to keep any coffee in my kitchen I’m wise enough to keep enough tea to match any mood (or skin condition). Even the simple ritual of making tea is so much more yin than the fiery, noisy buzz of the barista for tea is there to take time, to relax, and to savour…no wonder I come running back to a sit down and a cuppa at the year’s end. Cheers.

SkinFit Tip

Learn where your body, and your skin, stands when it comes to coffee and remember tea is always there to lend a helping hand because the possibilities really are endless. #skinfittip

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