Head to Toe, Putting Feet First

Your visage might take pride of place but when was the last time you put your feet first?

They may not be your favourite ‘thing of skin’┬ábut think about what they do for you each day and you may feel a little guilty for not paying them much attention. I mean, if you walked on your face all day it would be a mess and you’d do all you could to make it feel better – so why not put your feet first?

Yes, they’re at the other end of your body, far away from your brain and delicate visage however that’s one tough piece of skin they’ve got going on! And personally, I know I’ve neglected mine for many years: even ending up in a Podiatrist’s office where something akin to an angle grinder came at me to shave off dead skin…sad but true.

I can’t figure out if I was just born with ‘bad feet’ of whether I’m a total feet slacker? It seems no matter how hard I pumice, file, moisturise or angle grind, they just don’t look particularly pleasant.

They do on the other hand function rather well at getting me from A to B, running, walking, being stuffed into a variety of shoes, holding me in various yoga poses and above all keeping me upright (however those who know me well may attest to that last statement). And so I go day in, day out, not giving a great deal of thought to this furthest extremity of the leg.

But this year is going to be different. Sorry hands but the feet are going to be getting a little more TLC – from hunting down a podiatry expert to master shoe fitter to reflexology expert, this is the year I’m going to make peace with the body parts who do so much for so little in return. Happy Feet wasn’t just a movie title it was quite literally a cry for help. And I hear it loud and clear.

SkinFit Tip

Look down, now imagine that was your face. Exactly. Skin health is a head to toe affair so put those feet of yours first with a mega dose of TLC. #skinfittip

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