Taking time out: for heart and brain

It's time to get my thesis on the road, so with less than seven weeks to go I'll be taking time out from le blog. But never fear, skin is always here.

2020 has been a wild ride and attempting to complete an Honours year within it has been challenging. But the finishing line is in sight and so now it’s time to retreat to the study bunker not only to wrap up a pandemic year but importantly, an incredibly worthy cause in better understanding the tumour […]


SkinFit Tip

‘There is no ‘one size fits all’ acne cure. You’re unique so you’ll need your own acne management plan’

– A/Prof Kurt Gebauer

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Skinside Out
by Robyn McAlpine

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‘Found in many formulations such as serums, creams and lotions, not only is retinol easy to incorporate into your daily routine, it is also clinically proven’

– Dr Philip Tong

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Dermatologically Tested
the podcast of the British Association of Dermatologists

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‘Spending hours at your desk, colour and nature will always put a smile on your face, even something green really makes a difference’

– Michael Alamaddine

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The Skincare Bible: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Great Skin
by Dr Anjali Mahto

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‘Yoga can help teach us how to really be with ourselves, even during times that are challenging and uncomfortable’

– Claire Farrance

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Investigating potential targets for Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck as part of honours in immunology at The University of Sydney, Charles Perkins Centre.

Currently Reading

The Four Tendencies
by Gretchen Rubin

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‘Would you prefer to work with or spend time with someone who is thoughtful and kind to you – or someone who is thoughtless and rude to you? There is a reason why ‘please and thank you’ are known as magic words’

– Alexandra Blakemore