Why you Need a Pharmacist

The ingredient nerd oh so close to my heart, a Pharmacist is the gate keeper you need to know.

If there’s one thing you need to get your head around when it comes to skin health it’s ingredients – and sometimes no amount of study in the world is going to do without a little help from your friends. Enter the Pharmacist. The ingredient nerd you need on your side in a major way.

Whether it’s to fill a prescription from your GP or specialist, or give advice about other products, a Pharmacist has an incredible view on what you’re about to do to your body; And they’re one expert opinion I believe can truly make a difference.

This is especially so for the community Pharmacist, and ideally one you’ve cultivated a relationship with because you’re likely to see them more than you would your GP. From antibiotics to birth control, dermatitis to wound care, there is literally something for every condition under the one roof and you’re never going to be able to navigate it all!

But let’s get back to the nerd business of ingredients for this is what a Pharmacist is trained for. How ingredients interact with the body is their game so this makes brand names, marketing, anecdote and popular opinion irrelevant (hopefully). And this is precisely why you need to throw one into the mix when deciding how you’re going to treat your skin. We might not have the skin glamour of a French pharmacy but we’re getting there and sometimes the best product for the skin can be the least expected.

Yes, I have some basic knowledge on how to read an ingredient list but do I know precisely why every ingredient is there in the first place? No, not yet but hopefully one day I will and until then I’m lucky to have a Pharmacist who is honest, compassionate and intelligent when it comes to my skin nerd questions and requests.

SkinFit Tip

A Pharmacist is a vital part of your overall skin health so cultivate an expert relationship with one in your area and harness the power of this ingredient master. #skinfittip

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