Imperfect Food Seeking Somebody to Love

Why imperfection is so on trend when it comes to fruit and vegetables.

Consider how much fruit and veg you’ve likely wasted over the past month and multiply that by, oh…millions! In the hope of getting that morning smoothie happening, maybe you bought too many bananas and now they’re brown, and gross and very much imperfect, and you don’t have a compost and you really can’t be bothered making banana bread or maybe you were lured by the picture perfect strawberries, punnets and punnets sky-high in the supermarket only to realise they taste of, well…nothing.

Now that’s just you, but what about all that food wastage behind-the-scenes of the humble domestic kitchen?

Agriculture is a complicated business which I don’t intend to discuss here or profess to know enough about but what I do know is that we’re obsessed with perfection and ‘norms’, and we waste a hell of a lot of food based on that assumption considering it has been drummed into us since we were kids.

But what about all that imperfect fruit and veg? The unwanted, unloved, ugly produce that doesn’t make it to the bright lights and shiny shelves of our major supermarkets?¬†Well the time has arrived and your chance to take these wallflowers home is here – with big savings on offer too.

Do food wastage, farmers and your wallet a favour by shopping with your picture-perfect ideals at home. It’s not really an ugly granny smith apple, it’s just an apple.

SkinFit Tip

Get amongst the ugly fruit and veg on offer and save on nature's skin food! #skinfittip

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