Why Holidays are a New Chance for Skin

Go on, take a chance on a skincare sample. You might just strike gold these holidays!

If you’re anything like me you have a stash of skincare samples waiting for some kind of beauty apocalypse but the fact of the matter is they are doing no good if not on your face. The whole purpose behind skincare samples and minis is for you to theoretically ‘try before you buy’, limiting product wastage and all important cash…hello holidays!

Now I would normally pack skincare according to the climate I am travelling to – not straying too far from my regular routine – but when it’s an extended interstate visit and I know my only holiday objective is to relax I’m happy to take a few chances on new products and even…yes, new brands.

There’s nothing more horrifying to someone with highly-reactive skin than the thought of putting something untested on your skin but do I stick to some pretty simple rules:

  1. Keep to the basics with no overly active ingredients
  2. Stick to brands you’ve used before or ‘like-minded’ brands that fit your skin philosophy
  3. Have your usual skincare on hand and only try one new product at a time
  4. Carefully monitor your skin and how it feels when using the new product
  5. If you’re not happy or there is a reaction stop using the product immediately

Samples and minis have expiry dates too so make sure these haven’t been collecting dust and remember to donate any unused samples and toiletries to charities such as Every Lit Bit Helps which donate items to homeless shelters and women’s refuges.

SkinFit Tip

Liberate those skincare samples on vacation or donate to a worthy cause. #skinfittip

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