Grab a Friend, Walk and Talk

Sometimes there is nothing greater than walking and talking with a friend, because living in your best skin isn't always a solo effort.

Life ain’t easy and as we get older those large friendship groups of high school and university years can begin to dwindle – you going your way and they going theirs. But if there is one piece of advice I can give it’s to find the friend you can walk with.

I love to walk, owed largely to my parents love of walking, and my favourite thing about going home for the holidays is the morning family walks. Walking and talking, sometimes not as much of the talking, but there’s just something special about having someone walk by your side (and I’m sure the feeling is mutual). You talk, you listen, you have the odd coffee (delicious!) and you get the blood pumping, what could be better indeed.

And while I do love a good sit-down brunch it’s being outdoors and moving that can really liberate you to say what’s really on your mind or really in your heart and over the past year – very much stuck in the study bunker – I’ve come to appreciate these little moments more than anything else.

I love to walk by the water. Calming and meditative, the air just feels better with it’s glistening expansiveness allowing you to think and talk ‘forward’, and I know my skin loves it too. Your greatest protector, the skin needs these moments of relaxation to just be and so being calm and kind can be helped by a friend without them even┬árealising.

So go grab a friend, walk and talk, and see how much better you feel in your skin.

SkinFit Tip

Find the friend you can walk with. #skinfittip

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