Eye of the Goldfish

The only bags you want out of your life, like pronto, it's time to depuff those goldfish eyes.

When you rise and shine and all ‘mirror mirror on the wall’ has to offer is the face of a Goldfish, action must be swift to depuff.

Personally it’s lack of sleep that has me channeling this special creature and although it has likely been building over several nights it’s that one morning, when you have a presentation or work event they decide to appear in their full glory (how do they know!)

For years I used ice cubes or chilled eye pads but with super skincare technology I’m now a fan of cloth or gel eye masks infused with de-puffing ingredients. The cloth ones are great if you’re short on time as they’ll dry when done and gel masks are perfect if you’ve long enough to slap on a face mask too.

I’m now a fan of cloth or gel eye masks infused with de-puffing ingredients. I use them sparingly, for extreme emergencies or special occasions but one word of warning: they are very comfortable. You will forget you are wearing them. So much so that you will leave the house and take the bus to work and still not notice they are there – but your eyes will be fabulous!

SkinFit Tip

Because cucumber tends to get eaten before it ends up on my face, invest in eye patches (not the Pirate variety) and keep them in the fridge. #skinfittip

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